Disadvantages of Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Since their introduction, under desk elliptical trainers have been used by many people around the world in at attempt to benefit from their mentioned benefits. The motion they provide you with is a combo of running and cycling (for aa standing elliptical machine), this way they are said to mimic the action of other gym equipment and give your body a nice exercise while you’re busy working on an intense working day.


While they have many benefits (as mentioned by the frequent users), elliptical trainers aren’t made foe everyone and they can’t replace your regular exercise machines. Here are some possible cons of using under desk elliptical trainers.


They Aren’t as Effective

Elliptical trainers might provide you with a good source of low intensity exercises while sitting, but they can’t replace the regular gym equipment which put a strain on your body to make your muscles and bones stronger. So, before choosing an elliptical trainer as your daily exercise machine, consult your doctor and see if he wants you to add any additional exercises to your routines.


Not Perfect For Regular Training

As mentioned earlier, elliptical trainers don’t work the best for every person. They don’t put a strain on your knees, but might cause some knee problems if you have any specific knee problems. In the condition where you have a medical condition relating to your legs or knees, you might want to use another appropriate machine to train yourself.


Burns Less Calories

Although elliptical trainers burn some calories conveniently, they aren’t as effective as some of the other high intensity training machines. That is why you’d start looking for an effective way of burning more calories if you have plans to loose some weight fast.


These were some of the major possible disadvantages of elliptical trainers. You can read reviews about elliptical trainers and other products on websites like What is 180.