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How to Use Stock Photos on Your Website in The Right Way

Almost no website owner is a photographer, by still everyone knows the importance of using the right photos in their blog posts. With the ever-increasing number of websites providing stock photographs, the main problem isn’t about finding a stock photo, it’s actually about finding the right photo to complement your blog post.


If you need help to use stock photos correctly, here are some points that you can consider.


Decide on a Design

Remember to first complete designing your website before finding any stock imagery. Following this order is vital because you will need to find the right photos that complement the design of your website instead of contradicting it.


So, first be done with the website design, and then let the design dictate everything else. This helps a lot in easily finding the right images.


Find The Right Photos

Choose the photos that complement your brand design. The main goal shouldn’t be to find the image that looks great, but doesn’t match with your brand. But start by keeping your brand design in mind.


If you have access to a huge stock imagery platform, then avoid using everything available. But set a certain criteria and follow and to find the right photographs for your blog posts. If an image is beautiful, but doesn’t fit your brand, you’ll regret choosing it later on.


Customize The Images a Bit

Who says stock photography can’t be customized, you definitely can add some extra layers of details to the stock photographs to make them unique fit with your brand’s theme. You can add overlays, text, and your own products in the images to customize them.


People will start recognizing the customized stock as yours after you start following this procedure with all of the stock photos that you use on your website.