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How to Use Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder

Not all carpet cleaning customers are looking for basic dirt extraction and the like. Quite a few of them will have far bigger fish to fry, and by fish we basically mean insects. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that carpets can become really viable habitats for all manner of creepy crawlies, and they are often so small that you might not realize they are there until there are thousands of them crawling in every direction at any given point in time.


If you want to kill these critters and restore your comfort levels while sitting on your rug, only the very best carpet cleaning should be implemented. Dry carpet cleaning powders are some of the best things that you can use here in some way, shape or form, since suffice it to say that they will be like hot lava that is poured onto the insects and it will send them into a frenzy as they race out of your rug for dear life.


Suffice it to say that a powder that will have such a strong impact on insects is not all that safe for you to consume either, be it orally or through one of the two nostrils that form openings in your nasal cavity. You should wear gloves while using it, and try to distribute only a very light dusting otherwise some of the chemical might get left behind after steam cleaning. Take extra caution if you have kids or pets because they can suffer greatly if they are exposed to this powder and it might necessitate a trip to the emergency room.