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What Does a Counselor Do?

People who care about others and their emotions, and love to help them can become successful counselors. Since this profession is challenging, you’ll need to have a stable mind and a strong support system for yourself as well. If you do things right, counseling can prove to be a beneficial profession for you.


When people get good counseling from a counselor, they can easily make good decisions and make progress in life. This way, a counselor can positively influence the lives of many people.

Responsibilities of a Counselor

Counselors help individuals and couples sort out their daily problems. The problem is a counselor deals with problems related to the mental health of their clients. With the help of their techniques, counselors can help their clients regain their confidence, and defy depression.


  • Counselors work with their clients to help them mentally
  • They can also analyse various issues, and attempt to treat them in order to provide their clients with a better life
  • They can help their clients set their career and life goals as well
  • They help increase mental health awareness in communities
  • They help families with their problems
  • They let people describe and show their emotions

Education Needed to Become a Counselor

In order to become a counselor, you will need to get a degree in counseling. Moreover, you can also complete your bachelors degree in any other field, and do a masters degree in mental health counseling. This will be a 1 to 2 years course, which will equip you with all the knowledge you need to help other people.


Moreover, in order to become a counselor in Boulder, CO, and other areas, you might be needed to complete supervised work hours after completing your graduation or masters in mental health counseling. Time can vary between 3000 and 4000 hours of supervised work before you can get your independent certification.