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Can You Use Bleach For Carpet Cleaning?

Chemical based cleaners have been popular among cleaning service providers for a good long while, and there is a pretty good chance that they have allowed this industry to level up its efficacy by several orders of magnitude. However, it is important to realize that cleaning chemicals that are useful in one specific context often can’t be used in a wider range of cleaning processes. Bleach is something that should be used carefully as well, since its optimal performance in the world of sanitization and stain removal can make it detrimental in several other scenarios.


If you are thinking of using bleach during carpet steam cleaning, you should know that this might not be a good idea from an objective point of view. This is because of the fact that bleach can destroy the natural coloring of your rug, thereby making it so that it would start to appear rather dull and lifeless. The truth of the situation is that even diluted bleach can have a harmful impact on the fibers of your rug, so you would do well to keep it at arm’s length lest you do irreversible damage.


Pretty much all of the people that attempted to use bleach for stain removal ended up seriously regretting their decision. The fact of the matter is that bleach can only be used in extremely specialized cases, and it is never a good option for carpet cleaning based on the research that we have gone through. Carpet cleaning requires different chemicals that offer stain and dirt removal without any of the caustic effects of bleach, so you should consider going for them to get the results that you desire.