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An Organic Way to Remove Carpet Stains

One of the biggest realizations that we have started to make as a species is that our method of going through life is wreaking widespread destruction in the world around us. There is a pretty good chance that the world would not be able to last much longer if we keep sticking to our current unsustainable lifestyles, and you would be shocked by just how many things we tend to do on a day to day basis that does the earth no small amount of harm.


The truth of the situation is that the common ways in which people go about carpet stains removal are strongly impacting our descent into climate catastrophe. This is because of the fact that many of the carpet shampoos that you might use for the purposes of stain removal contain extremely harsh chemical elements that can be disastrous if they get into our water supplies. Hence, you might want to consider using an organic stain removal solution, and the best part about doing this is that you can use some simple ingredients that are in your pantry to create the desired cleaning fluid.


All you really need to create an organic carpet stain removal solution is some vinegar, water and liquid soap. The vinegar and soap will react with each other on a chemical level, and the fact of the matter is that they can be extremely powerful when diluted with a sufficient quantity of hydrogen dioxide. Spraying this solution on a stubborn stain can break it down before your very eyes, and once it dries you can vacuum the stain up the way you would any kind of loose surface debris layer.