how to start day trading with $500

Basic Day Trading Rules You Should Know

You might already hear about day trading with all the success stories of people on the internet who were able to make a fortune out of this industry. This industry has managed to attract thousands of new entrants because of the fact that almost anyone can start working as a day trader without having any particular qualifications or experience. Despite the apparent ease of entrance that might entice you to get started in this field, you should get a better understanding of the whole dynamics. Not all people end up generating substantial revenue from this market, as a great percentage of traders end up losing terribly in this market.


The approach you take to maximize your profit percentage can always be different from another trader, as there is no well-defined route to become successful in this market. It is just like cooking, as you become better with more practice. You would learn from your own mistakes and failures, which would help devise a plan that has lesser chances of failure the next time. It is usually advised to stick with your own investment style rather than following the footsteps of another investor who managed to make high profits. If you want to learn from the experienced individuals in the industry, then you should check out Roger Scott, the owner of Wealth Press now.


When you start working as a day trader you would have to purchase new positions and sell them off the same day. This means that you would not be able to hold onto them like that of a traditional trading method. You can even dispose of your current assets within a few minutes if you notice a sudden drop in value. There are no time restrictions as long as you exit an asset the same day.