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Is Your Email Account Secure? 

Emails play a major role in our lives. They are the official channel of proper communication nowadays. Everyone has an email account and we all receive all kinds of emails. Many of these emails hold confidential information that you really would not want anyone else to read. Email security is something that everyone thinks about, but a large majority of us have a very vague idea about what makes our emails secure.

Simply having a strong password is not enough to make your emails secure. This is because even the strongest password in the world cannot save your mails from being intercepted. Every time we send an email, it becomes vulnerable to all kinds of agencies. Anyone with the right tools can easily intercept your message and read it. This can be quite concerning for anyone who values their privacy.  You can read about some of the best encrypted email providers at ​​. This comprehensive guide on secure email servers is a great read for anyone who wants to make their email activities a lot safer. Data security is really important nowadays.

In order to make one’s emails secure, you need to have your mailing handled by an encrypted server. Unfortunately, most of today’s mainstream email service providers do not offer this feature. Your Gmail and Outlook email accounts are incredibly vulnerable to mail interception. Which means that whenever you send an email through one of these accounts, you have next to zero security.

Fortunately, there are email servers out there that do care about your security. These servers encrypt whatever data goes to and from them. Encrypted mails can be near impossible to read without the tools needed to decrypt them. If you value your privacy then you should really consider switching over to an encrypted email service.