Qualities of Karambit Knives

Karambit knives actually use an ancient blade style that was first developed by farmers. The knives, and their blade styles have now spread across the world, and every manufacturer has come up with their own unique blade style. Every country has a different version of karambit knife to suit its needs.


In the US, we have a spring assisted karambit knife. However, there are certain qualities that a knife must have in order to be called a karambit knife.

Parts of a Karambit Knife

Karambit knifes actually have a simple structure. The blade is curved inwards, and this allows the whole length of the blade to be used for cutting. The handle is also curved, usually at the same ratio as the blade to make the whole knife look like a crescent moon. However, this design is slightly changed by every manufacturer when it comes to folding knives.


The safety ring feature is what makes the karambit knives unique. The user and hook an index or pinky finger in the safety ring of the karambit knife for extra safety and grip.

Benefits of Karambit Knives

These knives offer precise control when you’re using them, and uses the whole length of the blade to make a cut. This way, you are required to use less strength as compared to using a flat fixed blade knife. Safety ring is also very useful as it provides extra strength and grip in situations like a fight or freezing conditions.


If you’re using a karambit knife with spring assisted opening, you won’t require sheath and you’ll have the luxury of quick blade deployment. These knives work differently in fights, and you can catch your opponent off guard when using a karambit knife. So, if you’re thinking what is the best karambit knife, just look for the basic features and a spring assisted opening.