Types of Honey Extractors

Have you ever wondered how honey is extracted from honey combs? Well, a special kind of device is used which is called the honey extractor in order to extract honey from the honey combs without damaging them. The main principle on which honey extractors run is the centrifugal force. There are basically two main types of honey extractors, if you want to know more about the types of honey extractors then this is the article that you need to read.

The basic working principle of honey extractors is the centrifugal force, there is a basket that is held in the cylindrical drum of the honey extractor, as the drum rotates honey is extracted from it without causing any damage to the combs which can be used once again by the bees. These are the quality features of only the best honey extractor. The honey extractors are classified according to the frames which are assembled in the basket. The two main classifications of honey extractors are:

  1. Tangential baskets
  2. Radial baskets

Radial basket honey extractors are preferred by large companies as it works by utilizing gravity principle and is the most convenient option out of the two. It makes it easier to extract the honey without any damage to the combs. They come in different sizes, the smallest size of a radial basket has two frames, of course when it comes to using it on a large scale it can have as many as a hundred frames.

The honey extractors can also be electrical, this allows the honey to be extracted at a faster rate as compared to when it is done manually. This is also the method used on commercial scale as well as they are easy to operate and save a lot of time.