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Why You Shouldn’t Do DIY Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your house at least once or twice a year is very important for the aesthetics and overall wellbeing of your house. Since the process is seemingly simple, many people try to DIY this project by themselves.


You might be thinking that the process will only require a pressure washer and a ladder, and you’ll be all set. But this might be the biggest mistakes that you’ll ever make, as pressure washers are very powerful, they present a trimming hazard, and using high pressure water on the wrong fragile surfaces can cause those surfaces to get damaged. Many people get injured, or damage their house by attempting pressure washing every year.


So, here are some reasons on why you shouldn’t do pressure washing by yourself, and should hire a professional for exterior house wash service.

High Pressure Water Can Be Dangerous

Pressure washer shouldn’t be mistaken for your garden hose, as an average pressure washer is 50 times stronger as compared to your regular garden hose. Pressurized water can cut through various different surfaces with ease. That’s why you might get severely injured if you lose control of your pressure washer.

Risk of Electrocution

Pressure washers use electricity to operate, and that’s why they have long wires attached to them these wires can easily be cut by anything hard or pointy. If water gets to these cuts, it can cause an electric shock or even fire. So, you should never take the risk of using damaged wires when doing pressure washing, and should hire experts for the task.

They Can Damage Surfaces As Well

In addition to injuring you, pressure washers can also cut through various different materials with ease. This can ruin the appearance of your house, and repairs can be expensive. This is another reason to hire a professional pressure washing expert for the job.